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Back Cover Blurb

Mona Graves wants her former daughter-in-law, Rose Jacqueline, on death row for Nicky's murder. Mona lives for vengeance.

R.J. wants Mona to leave her to live her life without being the target of an unrelenting quest for vengeance.

Tom wants '
Jackie' to see his love for her. But how can he get her attention when she's busy defending herself against acts of vengeance?


An Excerpt from the Book


A knock came at the office door. Phil Rogers came in without waiting for her to respond. Phil spoke to her in rapid Spanish, “Social worker came investigating an anonymous allegation of child neglect. She didn’t have a warrant. Pete took her card and turned her away at the main gate. I suspect she’ll be back, loaded for bear. I can’t blame Pete for his action. Standing orders say that without a warrant no one except invited guests get onto the ranch. You know that.”

Jackie sighed as she took the card from her bodyguard. She spoke to him in English, “Thanks, Phil. Our guest does speak Spanish. Are the prototype and body panels at the range?”

Phil answered, “Yes. Will you be going down soon?”

“Probably twenty minutes or so. Thanks, Phil.”

“Child neglect?” Tom asked, hearing the tightness in his voice.

“Clearly, my mother-outlaw is positioning herself for a custody battle,” Jackie told him, her voice flat. Her eyes flashed with both anger and resolve. “She’s not going to win. But, I expect her to play dirty. I’ve been expecting her to do something..." Jackie sighed. “Actually, that this particular move is so easily dismissed comes as something of a relief. I was dreading something much more dramatic from my mother-outlaw. Excuse me.”

“I’ve done work for your mother-in-law. I’d hate to be on her enemies list,” Tom told her.

“At the moment, I head it, am at the bottom of it, and fill each and every slot in between.”

“So I understand.”

“Frankly, I expect my particular placement on her list to continue until one or the other of us is dead,” she told him, pain obvious in her voice.

End of excerpt

Critical Praise for Vengeance

This is the 4 star review from ROMANTIC TIMES magazine.

Woods deals with spousal abuse and a woman's fight to get her life back. The heroine's experiences are heartrending, and the villain is to be pitied. Readers witness what happens when love takes a dark turn in this compelling read.

Summary: R.J.'s storybook marriage turns into a horror flick when her husband, Nick, attacks and tries to kill her. She survives, but Nick dies and Mona, her mother-in-law, blames her. R.J. slowly puts her life back together, cares for her beautiful daughter and is satisfied with what she has accomplished. Now, she must fight her emotional and physical desire for Tom, who wants nothing more than to be a husband and father. He steps in and rescues her when Mona threatens to destroy all R.J. holds dear. (Sleeping Beagle, Sep., 224 pp., $14.00)

--Faith V. Smith

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