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Out now, Becoming Holy

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Becoming HolyCover

Becoming Holy (without being holier-than-thou)

St. Francis of Assisi gave his brothers many bits of spiritual advice and counsel during his active ministry. Some of these were written down and have become known as the Admonitions of St. Francis.

The core of Becoming Holy is the Admonitions. Presented in both Latin and a fresh English translation, the Admonitions are a starting point for a brief exploration of Franciscan spirituality. 

An excerpt from the author's note


The Franciscan Charism, the unique spiritual gift given to us for the good of others, lies in a strong reliance on the sanctifying and actual graces of God to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ each and every moment of our lives. We know each grace of God is a gift given freely to us out of His love for us. We have neither earned grace nor do we deserve it. But He is merciful and loving, always surprising us with His perfect gifts.A lifetime commitment to penance and conversion of life that ever seeks to conform ourselves more closely to Jesus —of necessity—requires us to be open to the constant reception of divine grace in order to be the people we have committed ourselves to be.

We receive grace in very many ways. Grace is, of course, received from the normal channels of grace: the sacraments of the Church. And yet, God’s grace is like David’s overflowing cup. We find God’s grace in many places, in the acts of corporal and spiritual mercy we perform as His hands in the world. We find grace in the muffled quiet of a nursing home at midnight as we sit with the dying. We find grace in the face of a homeless person as we give him a bowl of hot soup on a cold day. We find grace as we teach children the beauty of truth. We find grace as we find beds for the homeless, or build houses for those who have no homes. We find grace as serve the needs of others with as much joy and competence as we would ourselves wish to be served, if we were the ones in need of help.

Most of all, the Franciscan spiritual life is centered entirely on the adoration of, and deep personal friendship with, Jesus Christ, our Lord, true God and true man. 

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