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Dream Job by Cassie Walder

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Critical Praise for Dream Job 

"DREAM JOB is a strong vampire romance ...that makes the supernatural seem authentic due to a powerful cast headed by two capable individuals. Kit and Carl are a delightful pair while the support cast especially a vampiric scoundrel provides the depth to this exciting story line ... Fans of supernatural romances will appreciate this thriller and dream of novels past and future by talented Cassie Walder." Reviewed by Harriet Klausner

"Ms. Walder does a superb job showing the strength in her characters. Kit has such inner resolve that the reader cannot help but want her to fight this threat to her life on her own...  it was a good read, filled with strong characters, strong writing talent, and good plot."  Sara Sawyer, The Romance Studio 

 "Wow! The Community is back with a Bang! It is fast paced and intriguing from begining to end. Kit is a strong alpha woman who is not going to beg any man for anything. Carl is just down right Hot!  Ms. Walder is in full gear with this wonderful book the sequel to Dream Lover. If you missed Dream Lover I strongly suggest you read this as Klaus and Edwina put in appearances. Ms. Walder's descriptive writing style pulls you into the story and does not let you go until the end. It is a recommend read for those who enjoy Vampires and Shape Shifters." Gabby Royce, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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