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Get Geri

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Get Geri Cover

Get Geri

Geri Erikson's being stalked. Threats, Sick Gifts, Harrassment.

Josh Parklington puts himself between her and her stalker, deciding to protect Geri, even with his own life.

But between the stalker and Josh, which of them will

Get Geri?


Geri rubbed her neck and did a couple of neck circles. Her workstation monitor said the time was 10:03 PM on this first Friday in September.

Her gaze lingered on the small solid brass globe Josh and his late wife, Amanda, had given her for Christmas several years ago. Geri smiled, remembering how Josh had said he would like to give her the world.

The phone rang. Automatically, she picked it up. “Erikson.”

“You are going to die, soon. I’m going to enjoy your death, Bitch!” the all-too familiar electronically disguised voice grated.

As she hadn’t heard from this man in well over ten days, she’d hoped someone might have put him out of her misery. Geri slammed down the receiver. Her heart raced. Normally, he called her on her cell phone. Now, he had her direct line into the office as well.

She heard decidedly male footsteps coming down the hall. Had he gained access to the offices?After drawing her stainless steel Beretta 92F semiautomatic pistol from the case in her purse, she quickly checked it. The clip was loaded and a nine millimeter round was in the chamber. As the steps drew nearer, she raised the weapon, took it off safety, and trained it on the door. If this maniac was coming for her, he’d not get close enough to hurt her.

Josh Sutherland, the corporate CEO, popped his head in the door. “Geri, you should have been…” he began in a happy tone.

She lowered the weapon. The expression on his face changed from elation to intense concern. She put the safety on. Then she placed the weapon on her desk, pointing away from him.

“EXACTLY what IN THE SAMHELL is this about?!”  


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