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The spirit of Jack the Ripper has returned to the world, brought back by Mariah's grief filled wish that all murderers be brought to justice.
But Justice is the last thing this vile spirit wants.
Mike wants to help keep Mariah safe. But can he save her from the Ripper?

Critical Praise for Abattoir

Serena of Fallen Angel Reviews says:Mariah is a pleasingly strong character who isn’t afraid to give of herself. Mike is a satisfyingly eerie man who you are never quite sure of. This makes for a lot of fun exchanges and peeks into the psyches of the two of them. I give this book 5 Angels. It was a very enjoyable read with fascinating topics. Thanks Ms. Walder.”

Johnna of Novelspot says:“Like the spell cast long ago, this book calls upon elements of both dark and light, blending them together seamlessly to create a fantastic dark romance. Mariah is a wonderful heroine; strong and self-assured enough to survive the horrible blows she is dealt and come out even stronger. Her relationship with Mikhail is a pleasure to behold, one of those rare and special dances that take place in life. It was a joy to get to know these two.”  

Cupid’s Library Reviews,  gave 5 Cupids, and says of this book:“This book is so in-depth it is fantastic. I could feel Mariah's heartbreak. She is such a strong, intelligent, and at times stubborn heroine. Yet her feelings of loss are described in such detail and length it nearly broke my heart. Cassie Walder has managed to create a plot that just presses on, never slows down and keeps you guessing until the end.” 


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