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A Mother's Eyes By Karen Woods

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Miriam’s head spun with the implications of this, of what this would mean for her life, of what this would mean for her people. She couldn’t take it all in. But she’d have the rest of her life to learn how to deal with it, if she agreed to this. Could she agree to it? Still, if this was what Avinu Malkeinu desired, and He wanted it badly enough to send an angel, especially the same angel He’d sent to Moshe to inspire him to write his books, the same angel who had taught Yosef, the son of Yaacov, the seventy languages he had needed to know in order to rule Egypt, the same angel who had been sent to the Prophet Daniel; if this was what Avinu Malkeinuwanted enough to send Gavriel to her with this message, then what else was she to do other than to answer ‘yes’? But, how could she do that? What would her dear Yosef think? Still, Gavriel hadn’t come to Yosef. He’d come to her. How could she not agree when faced with this, especially this, messenger from Elohim?


“I am the handmaiden of Adonai. May it be to me as you have said,” Miriam replied. 



Come with us on a journey through her life, as she learns to live with the results of her agreement.

See her life, her Son, and His Church through


A Mother’s Eyes




  Named Best Spiritual/Metaphysical Novel of 2012


Review by Fr. Joseph Huneycutt

Incarnating the Mother of God as more than icon, more than statue, more than pious emotion, author Karen S. Woods treads where few have dared, wrapping the story of Christ and His Mother within our very taste, touch, and feel.  It's a bit unsettling.  The struggle for the author was staying true to the story; the difficulty for the reader is allowing the senses to appreciate what the soul already knows.  This is Real.

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